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by admin, November 9, 2022, Tips

Car Colors That Effect Accident Risk and Other Safety Tips

We all know that car color is one of the first things we look at when choosing a car. We don’t usually think about color and accident risks and how it might affect us when we’re driving. There are studies that show car color does play a role in accidents. Regardless we should always be alert and practice safe driving.  When you head out to purchase a new or used vehicle it might be something to keep in mind next time. Here are some things to keep in mind to stay out of the accident risk zone.


What are the safest colors:

  • White, cream, yellow, and beige.
  • White was determined to be the safest overall, reducing accident risk by 12%.


What are the most accident risk colors:

  • Black, gray, silver, blue, and red.
  • Black was determined to be the most dangerous, with silver being 2nd.
  • Darker Colors are more dangerous because they’re more difficult to see. They tend to blend in with the road colors and are hard to see at night. Unfortunately, their reduced visibility also makes them more likely to be stolen. Black was determined the most dangerous and silver being a close second. Add reflective stickers to the car on all sides so that other drivers can see you better at night.

Other Safety Facts to Consider When Buying a Car and Driving it

Driving habits – It does not matter the color of your car if you have bad driving habits. Plus, it could influence your gas mileage and how long your vehicle lasts. Poor driving habits such as tailgating, overusing your brakes, speeding, and overloading your vehicle can put yourself, your vehicle, and other drivers in danger. Be sure to keep windows and mirrors washed and cleaned so your view is not obstructed.

Safety features – Many newer vehicles come with advanced safety features that help to prevent collisions. Some models have ‘brake assist’ where sensors detect whether or not the vehicle is slowing fast enough to avoid a collision. Choose a car with the best safety features when buying a car. You will thank yourself later keeping you and your family safe.

The condition of your vehicle – Don’t let your car’s health go, letting your vehicle go unmaintained for long periods of time can affect its safety and performance. To protect your investment and to ensure your safety, we recommend following a regular preventative maintenance. Be sure to check these things out when looking at used cars especially that are older and have high mileage. Ask questions and ask when the last maintenance was done on the vehicle.


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