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Important things to have as a car owner in a time of need

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we were wishing…if only I had that in my car during times of need. Here are a few things as a car owner you should keep handy in your time of need. It’s the small things that make a difference in larger situations. Take the stress off whether you need them or not.

First Aid Kit
This one’s more for you, your family, or passengers rather than the car but a stocked first aid kit should be a priority. Keep this at all times in your car. Whether you’re in a collision that results in injury, or you get hurt while out and about, a first aid kit can be a life saver for you and your passengers. In case of serious injury, call an ambulance right away. But if help takes a while to get to you, having some medical supplies on hand is never a bad idea.

Windshield Wiper fluid
We’ve all ran out of windshield wiper fluid at one point or another. There’s nothing worse than being behind another vehicle on a rainy Spring day where mud is being spit up from the car’s back tires in front of you. Sometimes it’s a cold winter day and the snow is starting to melt so we keep spraying our windshield wiper fluid to give clear vision while driving. It is important to always keep this filled so that your don’t have to pull over and clean off the windshield. If you realize you on a long trip and you need windshield wiper fluid but do not have any…stop in at a gas station. Most of them carry this product. It’s easy to fill just under the hood.

Battery Jump Starter
Batteries are the heart of our car. It’s what makes it run, along with all the other vital pieces and parts. But, without a battery you won’t be going anywhere. Be sure to test the battery at least twice a year in the Spring and in the Fall. Fall is critical because you don’t want to be stranded on a cold dark back road. The best battery chargers are the ones that you keep in the car that can jump start your car right away, rather than cables that are no good unless you have another vehicle to come help you. You will need their car’s battery to jump your car. Self-jump starters, that are a transportable battery, charge your car in emergencies that will at least get you to your next location with no help needed with no waiting. Whether you left the lights on, or your battery simply has no life left, inevitably the car’s battery will drain again, and you will need to get a new battery. With the transportable battery charger, you will need to be sure to keep it charged by plugging it in overnight and it should last a few months in your car. Be sure to read the instructions. Here is how to connect your battery charger safely.

  1. First, connect the positive cable (red) from your jump starter to the positive terminal on your car battery. Look for the “P,” “POS,” or “+” symbol to identify the positive terminal.
  2. Important, you’ll need to ground the charge. Connect the negative cable (black) from your jump starter to the negative terminal on your car battery or another good ground location. To identify the negative terminal, look for the “N,” “NEG,” or “-” symbol.
  3. Once your cables are connected, you can set the jump starter in a safe position. If possible, you can set it on the ground, otherwise, place it somewhere it won’t become detached, fall, or interfere with the engine.
  4. Time to boost your battery! Try turning on your car, but don’t crank the engine for more than 5 seconds at a time. If it doesn’t start with the first attempt, wait 2 to 3 minutes, and try again. After 4 or 5 attempts with no avail, you may need a new battery altogether.
  5. If your car starts, give yourself a pat on the back. Then carefully disconnect the negative jump (black) box cable and secure it to the jump box.
  6. Finally, do the same for the positive jump box cable (red).
  7. Once started, let your car idle for several minutes before taking off.

Spare Tire, Jack, and Lug Wrench
This is one no one wants to deal with. However, is one of the most common types of roadside issues and changing a tire should be a skill every driver has. While tires are strong, they’re not indestructible by any means. If you drove over broken glass, a nail, tires have bad rot, or your lug nuts came loose while on the highway, your tire may need a switch.

A loose or punctured tire can be a hazard to your safety. Therefore, the first step to preparing yourself is having these items ready to go in your trunk. Second is learning how to change a tire. This saves you from calling roadside assistance or waiting around till your friend gets off work to come assist. Even if you can’t change the tire on the spot, these tools will be needed by whoever runs round to help. Be sure to have your spare tire in case this ever happens to you. Otherwise an expensive tow may be your next option.

This one is the jack of all trades and can come in quite handy in many situations. Some good old-fashioned oil goes a long way in a pinch. From loosening lug nuts, lubricating a creaky door, or switching out a license plate, you’ll be thanking yourself later for keeping this in your car. It’s the MacGyver of oils and you never know when you will need it on old rusty metal or lubricating anything needed on your car.

Stay safe on the roads and be sure to keep these helpful car safety items in your car!

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