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by admin, March 31, 2022, Services, Tips

Useful and popular auto apps everyone should have on their phone

In today’s world our roadside companion is not a map in the glovebox. Now we have apps and more apps, and as they say, there’s an app for that. Luckily these apps help us find the cheapest gas, better routes with less traffic and construction, locate a local auto body shop, auto care, and the list goes on and on. Here are some popular and useful automotive apps that you may consider downloading to your app gallery that every car owner must have.




If you have not heard of WAZE take the time to research it. You will be glad you downloaded this app to help route you during travel. Waze relies on its users for info… and there are a lot of users. you get real-time help. Not only does that mean you can avoid traffic and find the fastest route, but it means you can slow down when police are ahead, be more cautious when a pothole has been spotted, and not run into roads that have been recently closed. WAZE shows you the upcoming obstructions, potholes, etc. Plus. Get the quickest route and save gas! Learn more.



Auto Care is free app that helps you manage your car’s maintenance needs. Instead of just popping into a franchised location every once in a while, use Auto Care to stay on top of your car’s service history. Get reminders monthly or through distance and chart just how much you have spent on your vehicle’s care. Take the responsibility of owning your car and steal clear of expensive repairs by monitoring smaller ones and maintenance. Learn more.




No more driving in fear over whether that little yellow icon means disaster is coming. The FIXD app requires you purchase the FIXD Sensor for your car, but trust us, it’s worth the investment. After installing the $59 FIXD Sensor, you can use the FIXD app to quickly decipher those annoying check engine lights that pop up at the worst times. Get maintenance updates on your make and model. Although this app comes with a price it will save you in the long run. Learn more.




Live in a big city and parking is a challenge? Anyone who’s ever debated going into a large city solely because parking is a pain needs to download Best Parking. The app shows rates at all the garages around the spot you’re headed and even lets you lock down a price. You can even use it for airport parking. Don’t pay the exorbitant fees at the regular overnight lot. Learn more.




A must-have app and here’s why! Have an electric vehicle? These are very popular today with the inflation of gas prices. Gas stations are sometimes hard to find, and these are even harder. Be sure to download this app of you own an electric car. PlugShare helps you find charging locations all over the world. You won’t be disappointed. Learn more.




Roadtrippers makes the planning easy. This app finds historic and scenic points between you and your destination, and then it maps out the best path to take. A great road trip is not about the destination; it’s about the journey. This app will bring you joy in your travels. How fun is that! Learn more.




Driving and messing with your phone are not a good idea. This is a serious hazard to you, your passengers, and the drivers around you. AutoMate is a dashboard that revolves around driving, and it lets you control things with your voice and simple gestures. It brings together everything from navigation to the soundtrack for your trip. Voice control keeps your eyes where they should be, on the road. Stop fiddling with your phone and use AUTOMATE CAR DASHBOARD.




We all know gas prices are always inflating. Get the best price by using Gas Buddy to help you find the nearest gas station with the cheapest prices. Get up-to-date gas prices and start saving. It also looks up car washes at gas stations, bathrooms, and more. Learn more.




Get a better understanding of your car’s performance with Torque Pro. Using an OBD II Bluetooth adapter, the app allows you to view a digital dash of precise information of your choosing. See the dyno meter. Check 0–60 time. Get a CO2 emissions report. This is next-level of car care, but for the passionate, Torque Pro is a game-changer. Because it taps into your car’s OBD, the data is accurate, unlike other apps that claim to do the same just by using the powers of your phone. Android iOS.




Sometimes we need to record something in the moment and there’s no better way than with this app. This app turns on your dashboard camera in a time of need. Upload videos to YouTube. No need to buy a pricey device to do the recording. The price is very reasonable and may save you from a situation that you have footage of. Learn more.


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