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by admin, March 31, 2022, Tips

Tips on how to save on gas and burn less

Fuel prices are always inflating. There are many ways to save on fuel. With a 14 year high with the national average price now over $4 a gallon, we’re all feeling the pain in our pocketbooks. Here are some tips to help save on fuel during high travel season. One big tip is keeping up on the maintenance of your car. If it’s running in tip-top shape you are less likely to burn unnecessary fuel. Contact your local auto body to see if they offer these services.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

Properly maintaining your vehicle can improve its fuel economy. Replace dirty filters as often as possible so your car can breathe and use the right motor oil whenever you get a chance. Using the wrong oil could waste gas by making your engine work harder. you can check your owner’s manual if you aren’t sure which grade of motor oil your car needs.

Keep Tires Properly Inflated

Tire pressure should always remain at the level recommended by your car’s manufacturer. You will need to make sure your tires are aligned. When it comes to gas mileage, a simple tune-up can go a long way.

Use Air Conditioning Only When You Need it

We all love to crack the air on a hot day. But you do not always need to. If you’re driving fast because you’re on the highway, for example, having the windows open can increase drag and reduce fuel economy. So, using A/C when you’re speeding down the freeway won’t prevent you from trying to save money on fuel. In most cars, the A/C turns on when you try to defrost the windshield. Using a less powerful setting is one way to avoid wasting energy.

Get the Best Prices on Fuel

If you’re trying to spend less money on gas, waiting until your gas tank is empty and filling up a little at a time throughout the week isn’t a good idea. In fact, doing that could damage your car. It’s best to wait until you have a quarter tank of gas and fill it up all the way. Apps like GasBuddy, AAA TripTik Mobile and Waze can help you find low gas prices in your area. Download an app to help you locate the nearest place to fuel up at the lowest cost.

Light Travels

Don’t weight your vehicle down with unnecessary drag. Remove excess weight if you can and maximize your fuel. Don’t make your vehicle work harder than it has to.

Drive Slower and Monitor Your Speed

Speeding up will burn more fuel. It’s best to drive at a good speed and at the recommended speeds. Driving over 50mph will burn more fuel. When accelerating, it’s best to tap the gas pedal lightly. Speeding up too quickly or hitting the brakes too hard can reduce your miles per gallon. Be a car Karen and pay attention.

Don’t Idle

Sometimes we are waiting for someone or sitting in a parking lot idling. This is still burning fuel. Turn the car off and save your fuel. If you’re not moving turn it off!

Let Them Do the Driving

How many times to you go to the grocery store a month. If the establishment delivers.. let them! Pay the $5 fee and save more in fuel. Take advantage of these perks if you are shopping. Let them do the driving. Your pocketbook will love you!


Stay safe on the roads!

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