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by admin, January 26, 2022, Tips

Tips to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency

We all want to save on gas during these unprecedented times and save a dollar or two. Here are some ways to help you do that. If you drive frequently, commuting in the Southampton and surrounding areas these fuel saving tips will benefit you!


Take it easy on the wheels and engine!

If you drive erratically your gas usage will be too. A smoother ride will save on gas and energy with braking, speeding up, and slowing down. Don’t be hard on your car and it won’t be hard on fuel.


Keep your tires inflated

Poorly inflated tires can cause poor gas mileage. Your engine has to work harder in order to keep up with the tire resistance.  Be sure to check your vehicle’s manual or tires for the correct pressure.


Your car needs to breathe!

Replace air filters regularly. Fuel efficiency depends greatly on a very small cost-effective detail. An average car should change it between 15k-30k miles. With clogged filters your car burns more energy to meet the increased demand and burns more fuel in order to operate.


Tune it up and get oil changes!

This is a no brainer and should be done seasonally, as well as oil changes every 2-6k miles depending on the oil you are using and the age of your car. Your car needs to run at its best and a tune up is a must in order for it to run in its optimal state. This will help prevent burning unnecessary fuel and performing at its best. Your car needs to replenish just like we do with water.


Car maintenance and inspection

A car has a lot of moving pieces and parts. In order to get it running top-notch and getting the best gas mileage possible, make sure that you are having a maintenance check regularly. Your local auto mechanic shop can help! It’s worth every penny you save in fuel and on parts to fix neglected maintenance.


Keep fuel costs in mind when buying a new car

There are a lot of new cars that have way better gas mileage than older gas guzzlers. The car you purchase makes a big difference in the fuel usage. The engine size and MPG (miles per gallon) are questions to ask when buying a new or used car.


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