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by admin, January 26, 2022, Tips

A Friendly Reminder on Car Disinfecting During High COVID-19 Seasons

It’s been said many times that disinfecting is critical with COVID-19 and with the colder flu season you have a higher chance of contracting it. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when ride sharing or letting someone borrow your car. If you have collision damage or your car needs maintenance, be sure to check your local auto body or mechanic shops to see if they offer disinfecting and sterilizing services for your car after services are completed. It is crucial to keep you and your family safe, as well as passengers.


Ionizers and Air Purifiers

Don’t have time to disinfect? There are several quick ways to leave your car alone while it disinfects. They are great when you’re in a hurry rushing from work, getting the kids, or late for an event. There are several items on the market if you check research and check reviews that will leave a fresh clean cabin upon your return. Note that this will not kill 100% of the virus but will surely sterilize the air removing toxic particles with special anion technology. It is still a good idea to wipe down those immediate things you are going to be touching and it only disinfects the inside of the car’s cabin.


Best to Wipe it Down

All said and done, at the end of the day, simply wipe down the car. Take a moment before you get out to wipe the door handles, dashboard, steering-wheel and anything else that you can. Spray disinfectant such as Lysol or another environmentally safe disinfectant. Better safe than sorry. This is a good practice if you want to kill any lingering virus.


Your Children Need Protected

Give kids simple directions every time they get into a car. Have them use a hand sanitizer before getting in the car and make it a routine thing. Kids usually take the lead once they are taught by showing them how to stay safe and they’ll follow along.


All the Other Passengers

You may be doing all you can to stay safe but if you are going to ride with other passengers in your car, you need to take those extra precautions. Wear a mask if you need to when you ride with people outside your household. Have a hand sanitizer on hand to use for extra protection and ask them to use some as well.


Crack the Windows

You can also keep the windows slightly open. The good thing is that Southampton, PA weather will be getting warmer very soon so you can do this without getting cold or uncomfortable. If the car is all closed up, especially in the Winter months, it’s easier for the virus to build-up and concentrate but an open window allows air circulation making it easier to naturally recycle the air.


Stay safe during the cold and flu season. Check for local body shops that offer equipment that can do this on a professional level to help disinfect and sterilize your car from COVID-19. Some body shops carry large equipment such as the TriOxyclean that sterilizes the inside of large motor vehicles and might offer these services as a paid service.


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