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What to do after Minor and Major Collisions in Southampton, PA – Understanding Insurance Policies

It cannot be said enough that the life of your car is up to its owner and how well it is tuned, maintained, and loved. There are several things to remember, keep an eye on, and be sure to maintain over the lifetime of the car. It also makes an impact when choosing the right auto body shop for the service needed. Some things you can do on your own, but there are several that may need the assistance of a certified auto technician with the right tools to get the job done right and efficiently.



An inspection is a good place to start

Take a good look at the car and you might see some things that are obvious. One is the tires which are a vital part to making sure you are safe on the road.



Tire Maintenance

Check the pressure of the tires. If they look low be sure to purchase a gauge and check the tire pressure accurately. The tire’s optimal pressure will be on the tires themselves. Be sure to look at the tread on the tires. Use the old tire and penny test and if the tires are looking worn, cracked or diminishing in any way, it’s best to take it to a tire specialist at your local auto body shop and get them looked at. Sometimes it’s a matter of just rotating them and to save yourself some money.


Lights Maintenance

Over time lights can become cloudy and very dense. Headlights are crucial for (SSD) Stopping Sign Distance at night. If lights are not performing well, it’s probably a good idea to replace them or have them professionally restored at your local auto body shop.


Wiper Maintenance

This is a no brainer. No wipers during an unexpected rainstorm and you will be sitting for a while on the side of the road until it subsides. Be sure that they are working properly, efficiently, and that the windshield wiper fluid is topped-off.


Brake Maintenance

If you hear screeching, grinding, or any other funny noises coming from your brakes, it is highly recommended you have them professionally looked at. Brakes are one of the most important parts on the car to maintain safety to everyone on the roadways.


Muffler Maintenance

Exhaust systems should always need annual checkups. If it’s getting loud, grumbling, or any unusual sounds go see your nearest auto body shop that services these things to take a look at what is going on.


Battery Maintenance

As time passes, car batteries tend to get weaker if not properly maintained. Make sure that fluid levels are as required. Sometimes, the contact points need to be replaced or cleaned. Take your battery into an auto body shop to have it tested. Don’t end up stranded because of a bad battery.


Spark Plug, Belt and Hose Maintenance

If you have faulty spark plugs, there is a good chance your car will lose power. This also works the same for belts and hoses. Be sure they are in good condition and see if any replacement is required. These are critical parts to keeping the car running efficiently. It’s the small things that matter the most.


Add it to the Calendar

Be sure that all the above are on your to do list. Car maintenance will keep your car going and you will get the most value out of your auto purchase. Oil changes are another big one and usually the most common maintenance task. But there are so many other things that are overlooked as maintenance. Let the automotive experts take care of all your car’s needs. In the end it’s a lot cheaper to make an appointment to have it done right then to end up needing to purchase a new car because these small things were neglected.


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