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by admin, October 22, 2021, Tips

What to do after a Minor and Major Collision in Southampton, PA – Understanding Insurance Policies

Getting into an accident when you’re least expecting it can be very stressful and most of the time our minds are not thinking clearly. It is very important to understand your insurance coverage, as well as the person at fault. Do you know what liability and collision coverage means? Do you know what it covers? These are great things to know when you are pursuing compensation from either your insurance or the person that may be at fault. No one wants to pay out of pocket but sometimes you may choose to in order to not be penalized on your insurance leading to higher rates because you are a risk. Be sure you read your policy and take necessary steps to be sure you’ve gotten all the details of your accident written down.  Here are some things to think about.


Understanding your car’s insurance policy in the event of an accident

The two most common are liability and full coverage. There is a big difference between liability and full coverage when in an accident. Full coverage covers most of the car’s bodily damages while liability only covers limited things and usually most of that protects the person not at fault. Be sure to ask your insurance agent what your policy covers. Some policies can be lengthy so ask for the short version with explanation and keep it in mind if an accident should ever occur. There are several other common insurance plans provided. It depends on your plan and what you are willing to pay for and can afford.


  • liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage
  • collision coverage
  • uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage
  • personal injury protection (for medical expenses)
  • comprehensive coverage


Whether it’s your fault or the other person’s fault, be sure to know your policy. If your collision is with another person, be sure to ask for their insurance card and their policy if you feel they are at fault. Always keep a copy of your insurance card in your glove box.


How to handle partial fault at the time of an accident. Or are you not sure?

Not all accidents are straightforward and clear. Many times, there could be an argument about “who is at fault”. Intersections, as well as parking lots are a great example where this may occur …Often times we think we’re not at fault due to lack of signage or we question whether signage was clearly visible and legible. Depending on where you live and what state this is when both parties could be at fault. In cases like these you may need to seek an accident attorney before you speak with the insurance company or make any statements. This will protect you with legal representation on preparing a statement in order to gain any compensation from the insurance company or other party on your behalf.


If you are at 100% at fault or the 2nd party in the accident is 100% at fault, either party can decide whether to make a claim with insurance or pay out of pocket. Be sure to document it and have it signed by the other party as agreed. It may take them time to get an estimate, evaluate the damage costs before a decision is made on how to compensate the collision repairs.


It is crucial after an accident to take these necessary steps no matter what the policy is.

Sometimes we’re in a hurry to get out of the way of traffic or we’re embarrassed. Regardless of why you feel the need to rush, it’s best not to. Take these steps to be sure you have everything you need to explain what happened whether another party is involved or not.


  • Seek medical assistance, as needed.
  • Get the information of all drivers involved, including contact information, license plate number, driver’s license number, and insurance information.
  • Ask any witnesses for their information as well. Witness testimony can serve great use to help back your version of events if you’re having trouble securing coverage for car damages.
  • Call the police to get a police report of the accident on file.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, including photos of the vehicles, resulting damage, and any other relevant details.
  • Contact your insurance to let them know what happened or in a case of needing to proceed with your case you may need to see an attorney to discuss your best options for dealing with car damages and to help you prepare a statement for your auto insurer.


Stay safe on the road in Southampton, PA and surrounding areas and be prepared for the unexpected.


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