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by admin, October 22, 2021, Tips

Important Questions to Ask an Auto Collision Repair Shop in Southampton, PA

If you are involved in an auto collision in Southampton, PA and surrounding areas, the first thing that you ask yourself is where am I taking my car? Sending your car to the first auto body repair shop you find, because you are stressed, might not be the best choice. Taking some time to research repair shops or asking your insurance agent will not only allow you to know who you can trust, but also give you peace of mind. Here are some good questions to ask when you are searching and choosing an auto collision repair shop.


Will I receive an estimate copy?

Before committing to any auto repairs at your local collision shop be sure to ask for an itemized estimate, be sure to read it carefully, ask any questions about the repairs you may not understand, check for any disclaimers or hidden fees.  There is a big difference between the original estimate and the completed repairs, you can ask the shop for possible reasons for that and be compensated for anything not agreed upon.


Is Your Body repair Shop Certified?

It’s recommended have your car repaired at a certified facility. Ask the auto body repair shop about their certifications and who they are certified with. A certified auto body repair shop maintains the quality standards recommended by the certification authority and provides guarantees that uncertified shops cannot, as well as providing quality work and parts built to last. Most importantly to receive certifications requires extensive and continued training in order to uphold a certified auto repair shop status. With the evolution of cars over the years and the complexity of technology now-a-days, this will give you an idea if the repair shop has experience repairing your make and model.

What is your Warranty Policy?

A very important question you should ask the auto body repair shop is about their warranty. You should know the validity period of this warranty. Read the details thoroughly so you know what exactly the warranty covers. After knowing all the terms and conditions, you’ll be in a better position to assess the pros and cons of the warranty they offer.


How long will it take to repair my car?

It depends on the extent of damage your car has sustained. Ask the repair shop how long they estimate the repairs to take. Knowing the repair time is essential to save you money, but you also will give a better idea if you need to make other arrangements such as a car rental. Plan accordingly but always leave a little cushion for unexpected damage that is not seen from the original estimate, as well as any backorder on parts. Most reputable auto repair shops will keep you informed during the repair process.


Can you match the paint color of my car?

Most cars have a paint code somewhere listed on the body of the vehicle. It is a good idea to ask if the auto body repair shop can paint your car its exact same color. Otherwise, the damages will be quite noticeable and ultimately decrease its resale value. Auto paint refinishing is not cheap, so be sure that it is done right the first time.


How soon can I wash the car after auto repairs and paint matching?

After collision repairs there may be some guidelines to when you can wash your car after a fresh coat of paint. It’s always a good idea to ask your auto body shop whether washing the car will damage the paint or not and how soon can you wash it. Regardless, some shops will wash your car for you and detail it before handing it back over to you hopefully looking even better than pre-accident condition.


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