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What are the Most Common Auto Repairs?

Even if you do take good care of your car, you’re going to probably need minor repairs at some point. Here are the top five most common auto repair jobs.

Oil Change
By far, the most requested car service is an oil change. Oil changes are one of, if not the, most important aspect of car maintenance. You know you have to get your car serviced every 5,000 miles, but do you know why? Your car has thousands of internal components that need constant lubrication to function smoothly. Otherwise, parts will wear down, overheat, and suffer from damage.

Air Filter Replacement
Every time you get behind the wheel, your car starts the combustion process under the hood. If you remember chemistry class from your high school or college days, you know that oxygen is one-third of the combustion process. As your engine draws in oxygen, the air filters prevent other debris from entering the engine and destroying vital internal parts. However, the filter picks up a lot of dust and grime in the process. If too much dirt accumulates on the filters, it will prevent sufficient amounts of air from reaching the engine, thus hindering your engine’s performance.

Check Engine Light Service
Nothing is quite as scary as seeing your check engine light unexpectedly turn on. The good news is that this doesn’t always mean the damage is centralized to your engine. Sometimes, it could be something as small as a loose fuel cap to a burnt-out sensor. Should you experience a check engine light, trained professionals can scan your vehicle to determine the cause.

Brake Replacement
Unless you want to be a road hazard to yourself and others, you need to replace your brakes when they get worn down. As a general rule of thumb, brakes should be replaced every 50,000 miles. However, this number can fluctuate based on your driving habits, the road conditions, and the quality of your current brake pads and rotors.

Spark Plug Replacement
Your vehicle needs three things to start the internal combustion process: fuel, oxygen, and heat. Spark plugs provide electricity to burn fuel, giving your engine life. When your spark plugs wear down, your engine’s performance is negatively affected. That’s when your car misfires, idles, accelerates slowly, or starts consuming too much fuel.

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