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Maintenance Tips for Older Cars

In this day and age, there are so many resources that inform drivers about how to keep their vehicles in great shape so they run as long as possible. The secret is regular maintenance — a lot of it. Check out some of the age-old maintenance necessities below.

1. Maintain your car’s braking system
Many owners wait until they hear disconcerting noises. Old car care requires being proactive, and not waiting around until something bad happens to your car. Have your brakes checked to ensure the brake pads don’t wear thin and that your brake fluid doesn’t run out. Leaking brake fluid usually indicates that immediate repairs are needed.

2. Don’t neglect your tires
Taking care of your tires, like most old car maintenance tips, is also good for your bank account, because it makes your car more fuel efficient and you spend less on gas.

3. Steering system
Steering and suspension problems not only cause steering problems but they also accelerate the wear of your tires. Avoid these problems by ensuring that your steering fluid is changed and that your shocks are inspected by a professional.

4. Radiator hoses
Part of old car care is making sure your hoses are changed. As cars age, they usually need every hose replaced. In fact, it’s very likely that your heater hose, which transmits coolant to the radiator, has never been changed.

5. Fuel line
Aging fuel lines often crack and start leaking fuel. Neglecting to replace your fuel line runs the risk of causing a fire. Fixing a fuel line that is leaking is a routine procedure for most auto repair shops. Also, you should have your fuel filter replaced every 10,000 miles.

6. Keep your exterior clean
It’s recommended that you wax and wash your car four times per year at a minimum. For those who aren’t sure how to wax their car, just run it through your local car wash.

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