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10 Things to Always Have in Your Car

Whether you’re a first-time car owner or just never got around to making yourself an emergency kit for your vehicle, here are the things you should always have in your car to be prepared for whatever the roads throw your way:

1. First Aid Kit
It doesn’t have to be a serious car accident for a first aid kit to come in handy; even a trip to the local park can result in a sprained ankle or ant bite. If your vehicle is used by you or others for business purposes it is actually a legal requirement to have first aid equipment accessible. It is possible to purchase pre-packed first aid kits from chemists, first aid retailers and training services however it is possible to make your own. Choose a sturdy container or bag that has many clear compartments such as a fishing tackle box or craft bag.

2. Torch
A torch is high up on the list of car essentials. A good torch will give you enough light to change a tire in the dark or take a look under the hood. It can also be used for signaling other drivers or to help roadside assistance or tow trucks find you in the dark. It is a good idea to store your torch in a zip lock bag with the batteries separate so that you know it will always work when you need it.

3. Mobile phone charger
For everyday use and emergencies, a mobile phone charger permanently in the car means that you can be assured that you will never be caught out with a flat battery. Some drivers keep an old mobile and charger in their car emergency kit as even without a SIM, the phone is able to dial for emergency assistance.

4. Tire pressure gauge
Ensuring that the pressure in your tires is right is essential for reducing unnecessary wear on you tires and increasing the safety and handling of your car. Having the tire pressure gauge handy will make it easier for you to regularly check the pressure in your tires. The correct pressure will be listed in the owner’s manual and usually in the door sill.

5. Spare tire or tire sealant
Most cars will have a spare tire stored in the boot with a jack and basic tool kit. It is a good idea to check these once or twice a year to make sure everything is still in good condition.

6. Owner’s manual
Usually the owner’s manual will be stored somewhere in your car. Most likely it will be in the glove box and provides useful information about many minor repairs that can be done without assistance.

7. Blanket
There are many uses for a blanket! A blanket can help stay warm in an emergency but is also useful for chilly trips out on a picnic, football games or if you happen to get wet unexpectedly. It’s handy to throw across the back seat if the dog is travelling in the car too or to lay on under the car if changing a flat tire.

8. Non-perishable food and water
Having access to food and water can be really useful if you’re stuck somewhere far out of town. It is best to store foods that are not heat sensitive and have a longer expiration date. The water should be stored in BPA free bottles or glass if possible and replaced every few months.

9. Jumper cables
Jumper cables will rarely go unused either for your own car or to help others.

10. Extra cash
Whether you need to make an unplanned stop for fuel or use a pay phone to get assistance, having spare cash can be really useful.

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