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by admin, October 23, 2018, Tips

Dings and Dents Don’t Stand a Chance with Paintless Dent Repair

The skilled technicians who perform Paintless Dent Repair might just be the superheroes of the auto body industry.

We’ve all come out of a store to find a dent or ding in the side of our car. We’ve noticed a dent after the kids have been playing ball outside around the car. There are a million ways dents and dings can happen to an automobile, but there’s one technique that can often come to the rescue.

Our trained technicians use their superpowers to repair your vehicle using Paintless Dent Repair to like-new condition. PDR is the process by which we repair a dent or scratch without compromising your vehicle’s factory paint job. The process is quicker than other dent repair processes. It can be used to repair hail damage, minor dents, dings and minor plastic bumper damage.

When you bring your vehicle to our shop to take advantage of our paintless dent removal, we’ll go through a careful process to fix the problem while maintaining the original condition of your paint. PDR allows our technicians to blend the damaged area and match the texture of the vehicle’s current paint.

Paintless Dent Repair saves time and money over traditional dent repair techniques that work by filling in the hole a dent leaves with paint or a chemical compound and painting over it to match the surrounding paint color. The dent isn’t fixed; it’s just covered up. Paintless dent repair fixes the structure of the chassis by applying a low amount of pressure. When complete, it gives you a smooth surface that requires no extra paint or substances.

Call Tri County Collision’s superhero team at 215.322.5350 if you’re in the market for dent removal. If you find yourself in need of more extensive auto collision services for more go visit integraladjusters.com , we’re here for you too. Our team has provided the finest paint and body repair services, accompanied by unsurpassed customer service, since 1974. Give us a call at 215.322.5350 or stop by our shop at 995 Jaymor Road, Southampton, PA Monday-Friday from 8am.-6p.m. or Saturday from 9am-12pm.